History of our church in Aberdour

Our Church here in Aberdour was opened in 1845 under the auspices of the Earl of Moray, primarily for his estate workers and their families. The first minister here was the Rev. JSS Robertson, who had been - and later returned to be - a missionary in India.

For most of its exsistance St Columba's  had been a "daughter"church of St Serf's, Burntisland, i.e. the minister or rector of St Serf's has had responsibility for St Columba's. It flourished particularly during the two world wars, when many service families with Anglican / Episcopalian roots came to live in the area.

Over the past 60 years St Columba's has seen several changes. It was transferred to the charge of St Peter's Inverkeithing, for a time. Then we came one of a group of churches under the leadership of the Rector of Holy Trinity, Dunfermline. More recently, we have become part of the ABI Group, comprising the Episcopal churches in Aberdour, Burntisland, and Inverkeithing. Cannon Val Nellist has been our Minister since the start of 2002.  

The structure and fabric of the church has changed little over the years, here are some of the minor changes / updates. The upper gallery seating was enclosed as a glassed viewing area and meeting room in 1990 -1992. The organ was resituated and the choir stalls upgraded and re-installed in 2001.  In 2002, in memory of her husband, a member of our congregation commisioned a large stain glass Celtic Cross which was made by a fellow church member and now hangs in the main east window: a direct link to St. Columba.