In the very high winds / gale in early Feb 2012 our cross was blown off the St Columba’s mini bell tower.

When it was blown off and rolled down the roof it took out nine to ten tiles on its way down. The roof tiles have been repaired, but the cross landed on the ground and ended up in 5 bits.

After a round of quotations St Columba's Vestry selected a contractor (Stoneworks) to do the work who by early August 2012 had produced a replacement cross.

By early Sept the scaffolding was up and the cross was ready to re-mount on position.

However we found that the tower the cross stands on, was far from stable, with some of the interlocking coping stones - had come out or had large gaps between them.

It was clear much of the tower would need to be dissembled and re-bedded in fresh lime mortar.

Also much stronger scaffolding was required to take all the weight of removed stonework.   

Our contractor is a specialist in lime and listed buildings, so this extra work was contracted.

It has turned out well and the new cross can be seen from quite far down the road.